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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and campaign management

Why use PPC? However will this facilitate your business?

Businesses use online paid advertising for to extend their exposure, leads, sales and profits and take their business to the next level. The concept is to indicate ads on-line, have your potential client click on them and convert (go to your web site to shop for one thing, fill out a kind, or contact you). It’s positively easier said than done.

The Realities of Advertising Online- What you would like to Know:

Success in paid search does not have to be a flip of the coin. Whereas paid search campaigns will have tremendous upside to your business, if not managed properly than may be an amazing drain on some time and loss of money.

Potential Issue: you’ll try to set up a paid search campaign, however does one have each the time and patience to avoid frustration and make out the intricacies of PPC?

Reality: frankly, it takes skilled experience and years of expertise to induce a true return on your PPC investment. Do not waste your time and maybe thousands of dollars only to search out that what you are doing isn’t working. Allow us to manage your PPC account and permit you to grow your business by doing what you are doing best.

The experts at Echo web marketing will craft a paid search strategy that may have your PPC campaigns running expeditiously and your budget is being spent effectively.

For Existing PPC Campaigns:

We will perform an audit measuring competition, keywords and ad placement. We’ll then recommend an idea that shows that aspects of your campaigns should be optimized. Once this plan is enforced we then still perpetually improve your PPC campaigns so are getting the simplest return for your selling dollars.

Our services include:

  1. Pay Per Click campaign setup.
  2. Perform keyword analysis and competitive analysis to see best keywords and phrases for ads.
  3. Bid to get on the primary page of search engine results page thus queries get an effect.
  4. Verify budget for PPC ad campaigns.
  5. Perform ad and landing page testing to attain best click through rate and improve landing page score.
  6. Offer monthly reportage on ad campaigns.
  7. Ongoing PPC bid management, keyword analysis, ad copy variation tests and far more.
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