Website speed Optimization

Is your web site running slow? Is it taking a century to load your web pages? Are you running WordPress and propulsion your hair out as a result of its page load time is in double digits? Have you ever been killing yourself to optimize the speed of your site and simply don’t get anywhere? Well you’re not alone, and that we don’t mean it in a very great way either. Meaning your web site sucks, even thereupon million dollar design! No apologies meant either.

A website that doesn’t load quickly in today’s web could be a waste of your money. 9 out of 10 folks that open a web site that doesn’t load quick can close it and won’t wait or maybe return. This suggests that you just will pay thousands of dollars on design style, SEO and advertising, and you’ll still lose guests when guests as a result of they won’t even provide you with an opportunity to show what you’ll provide.

Having a good web site but not obtaining desired results as a result of its heave and loads terribly slowly? Our optimization consultants will solve this downside.

  • Website speed check
  • Load only needed page content
  • Applying best caching systems
  • Minimize the file sizes
  • Optimizing images and code
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